Friday, June 18, 2010


Months of hassle and expenditure have finally culminated to the moment we've all been waiting for.

The winner is...

I'm just kidding. ("That's not funny, Jeremy!")

Anyway, my friends and I have decided to spend after-prom-weekend down at Wildwood. After getting home around 3:00 this morning from the limo ride around New York, I had to wake up pretty early to drive down to Wildwood.

My main concern was the fact that I would be exhausted and sleepy, with the tendency to veer off the road. My friend Aissa, who was in the van with me, was really considerate and tried to keep me up while I was driving. Well, I mean, if we crashed, it's her butt too. Her main method of keeping ourselves up was to sing out loud. Her iPod really helped out. The drawback was that right after a burst of energy, I'd crash again. That's when her secondary method kicked in - Skittles.

The funnest part was probably when we were nearing Wildwood. At this point, the more urban quality of northern New Jersey has fully transitioned to the more sylvan environment of the south. Thus, on the sides of the parkway were scattered beautiful trees, perfect for a photo op. Three times Aissa and I parked on the shoulder to get out and take pictures on the side of the highway.

When we finally found our house in Wildwood, I was really surprised at how amazing it was. It wasn't a mansion, but it was definitely no motel. I was glad I'd be spending four days and three nights in this house.

Get Your Freak On


That's my prom face.

Today, with prom and all, I decided to take a step back and let my family control the camera, so I wasn't able to take many pictures. I'd feel a bit weird posting a picture of me and my date, or even of another couple.

Prom was quite awesome, much better than I anticipated. Honestly, I was most excited about the food, but I ended up not having much of an appetite. Oh well.

The dancing must have been the best part, but who doesn't like dancing at prom, right?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Philosophical Bird Is Philosophical

My first stab at Project 365 ended with a success yesterday, May 26, 2010. Although I haven't actually updated my Wordpress blog where all the photographs are, the project has indeed been finished.

Now that I've been taking pictures every day for the past year, I can't imagine myself not having a camera in my pocket every day or not taking a shot of something that interests me.

So, I guess I might just continue this project. Instead of Project 365, it can be Project Lifetime. I'll go on with is as long as I can.

I'm just proud that I actually got to accomplish the feat of taking a photograph every day for one whole year.

Anyway, so how does this new year start?

A trip to the Bronx zoo! It's my last high school field trip ever, and I spent it in the zoo, under an overcast sky. I hung out with three freshmen, a modest group.

I've been to the Bronx zoo before, as a freshman, but it was quite a sad story. My main goal was to experience the most out of the zoo, meaning see as many animals as I can. This desire prompted me to leave my friends, who were holding me back because of how slow they were going. Thus, I explored the zoo by myself, for the most part, running like a dork with a camera.

Today, I stayed with my group, having fun, laughing, trying to make the most of what I had.